Option Part – Swingy Clickety-Click Stand (orange) x1

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After many years of prototyping...
...the Swingy Clickety-Click Stand is finally ready. While our Smart Doll girls n boys can stand on their own two feet, posing them for a photo and then stepping away can be scary, especially if they are standing on uneven surfaces or during windy conditions. Windy conditions as in after a night of spicy food. 

I nearly decided on calling this the "Turbo Stand" but realized that I kept calling it "Turbo Joint" which was actually a previous product. So I opted for the easy-to-pronounce "Swingy Clickety-Click Stand" or SCCS.
Each Smart Doll comes with a telescopic stand to aid stability, but for folks who want to have more flexibility when posing for street or nature photography, the Swingy Clickety-Click Stand could be a useful ally.

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